Music Video Layouts


Pencil rough used for designing opening pan – establishing geographical setting.


Side view of above cabin.

Part of closing pan - the church and cemetery are revealed when the camera pans high enough to see behind the graves in the first layout at the top.

Part of closing pan – the church and cemetery are revealed when the camera pans high enough to see behind the graves in the first layout at the top.

Concept boards for beginning of 'Time Sequence' in the animated short film "Periplanet'.

Concept boards for beginning of ‘Time Sequence’ in the animated short film “Periplanet’.




Barnes documentary

Albert Barnes built one of the preeminent private art collections in the world.  HBO produced a documentary to explain the drive and motivations that propelled Barnes in his quest.  Limited animation was requested; however, HBO was keen on getting exactly the right expression during formative episodes in the life of young Albert.

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America’s Pop Star Penalty Round

The friendly creatures of Snuff Mountain, Tennessee decided not to be left off the reality TV bandwagon.  Never mind that the wagon was never going to pull over and let them on.  Is it the most humble expression of pop culture you’ve ever seen, or an apt metaphor for our time?

All the art started as pencil illustration.  The animation was spline based, made with Anime Studio Pro.  The audio was produced in-house, using studio built foley props and echo chamber.  It’s all very straightforward.  I looked at a lot of old Termite Terrace shot layouts, and staged these shots with that attitude of ‘getting it done’.

Mrs. O’Malley’s Kitchen

Another dog story, and relationship issues.  You will never live long enough to outpace relationship stuff.  So, get used to it.








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Children’s Festival of Reading

Promoting child literacy and literature can only be a good thing.  I figure kids have seen enough unicorns and teddy bears to hurl chunks, so I took a different path.  Good literature gives us wild imaginings our whole life.  I have no trouble imagining wild things, already.

I animated the ‘book reading’ scenes with Anime Studio Pro.  The vector and IK tools make for smooth, calm movement.  The real action, what is figuratively between the pages, has a rough line from being sketched out in Pencil open source software.  That was animated straight ahead almost as fast as I conceived it.  The color fills are in a back layer, so the sketchiness is intentionally preserved.  Backgrounds were painted simply in Photoshop.  Shadows, spotlit accenting and composites were in After Effects.

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Amos Tutuola is about as unique a storyteller as the modern world has known.  His creations are unimaginable, yet he did thus.  I have done several preliminary versions of these drawings.  This is a small sampling.  One day I plan to illustrate a complete portfolio of this tale.

Like a lot of people in America, my first exposure to any concept of Bush of Ghosts was the joint project by the same name between Brian Eno and David Byrne.  This was one of the first albums to use sampling as we understand it today.  I was curious about the source of their inspiration and eventually found a copy of Tutuola’s book.  It is a hallucinatory experience with roots in ancient beliefs of the Yoruba people.  I don’t know what impact western culture played on Tutuola’s convictions and beliefs, but what manifested from this collision is probably quite beyond what is germane to either western Nigeria, or especially England, the fading colonial power of his childhood.

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