Pencil Boards


Part of a VR game discussion; initial designs for a dark, intriguing space.


The SaltMarsh is an animated short that is in mid production. The scene here is 16th century Florida.


This scene is a rare reprieve from the constant combat between this villain and the protagonist – a music video for xKore on the Inspected music label.


Boards for a Humane Society spot, through Fivestone Studios.

Game Backgrounds for Social Titans

I did some style adaptation for this game look.  The folks at Social Titans wanted a particular loose, painted quality.  Several artists have been working on backgrounds, and the environments are really varied in the locations they depict.  Surely this game is going to be a lot of fun to play.  It’s certainly fun to make.

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Surf Rider

This is a really fun project.  I was given a list of characters and then put on a very long leash.  Actually, I even came up with the idea for the surfing Sumo.  I did surf for several years, and then paddled a whitewater kayak.  There is a small amount of overlap in these experiences, giving me a wealth of ideas.

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