3D backgrounds for Cel Projects


3D set showing some of the broken or knocked down props from a fight.

3D intro

Transition into cabin, going from 2D to 3D environment

3D kitchen

Cabin Kitchen area, the other side of doorway, into 3D set.


Compositing cel with 3D animation.

3d 2d efx

3D set with 2D (cel) EFX and character.


3D build for opening camera move.


3D set composited with hand drawn EFX.







Stabs by xKore

This is Stabs, the xKore animated video flying under the Inspected music label.  A perturbing enforcer, a brute villain and cold urban canyons are the key elements.


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xKore Background Art


The clients wanted a brooding Gotham-like cityscape.

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Surf Rider

This is a really fun project.  I was given a list of characters and then put on a very long leash.  Actually, I even came up with the idea for the surfing Sumo.  I did surf for several years, and then paddled a whitewater kayak.  There is a small amount of overlap in these experiences, giving me a wealth of ideas.

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Energy for Everyone

I have depicted a setting that is gradually turning toward sustainability.  The main focus is wind power, and this piece is available for customization and licensing.  The methods used to make this animation is a blend of warm traditional techniques, and wholly digital components.

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Mostly Titles Reel

I went back and pulled material off an old D-beta archive reel.  I hadn’t seen the stuff in awhile.  The 3D broadcast design was mostly modeled and animated in Softimage.  Video composite and editing was with Flame.  I became quite proficient in putting together show packages: open title, transition wipes, lower 3rds, bugs, bump outs, teases, bump ins and credit beds.

I’ve also put some more recent work in this reel, so it would not be a total time capsule – particularly shots that had something to do with title design.