A lino block print, brown ink on Arches watercolor paper, hand tinted with Windsor & Newton watercolors.  The image area is 7×5 inches.  The paper size is approximately 10×8.  I am making an edition of 50.  Because of the variations in inking, tinting and papers, each print is unique.

Prints are for sale for $40. I’m donating five dollars from each purchase to Doctors Without Borders.  This charity has an excellent rating for putting our contributions in the field.  Most companies give fractional amounts from ‘profits.’  You’re helping with a specific amount, off the top.

Email me at john at animatedlane dot com, or call 865-773-9519 for more particulars of the sale. Your print will ship in a moisture proof envelope, sandwiched flat between foam board.  Your package goes Priority Mail in the continental U.S.

I’ve had several dogs, all great companions in their own right.  Chip was like nobody else, always on, always ready.  And for most of his life, barely able to contain himself — though he tried, he really tried.  I didn’t have him as a puppy.  He showed up at a hideout in the woods, with a jaw that had been fractured and a desperate need to belong.  I already had two dogs and didn’t want a third.  After many days of me offering no threat, and also not much encouragement, he disappeared.  I was hoping he went back to a decent home.  If that home wasn’t good and he came back to me, then I’d keep him, I decided.  One night driving in I paused the truck before descending down into the saddle of a ridge where I was staying.  I had a feeling he was closeby.  Looking through a clearing where comet Hale-Bopp had recently been visible, I saw him.  An enthusiastic silhouette of a head reared from a nap.  You could say he’s still here, and not just with me.