3D backgrounds for Cel Projects


3D set showing some of the broken or knocked down props from a fight.

3D intro

Transition into cabin, going from 2D to 3D environment

3D kitchen

Cabin Kitchen area, the other side of doorway, into 3D set.


Compositing cel with 3D animation.

3d 2d efx

3D set with 2D (cel) EFX and character.


3D build for opening camera move.


3D set composited with hand drawn EFX.







xKore Background Art


The clients wanted a brooding Gotham-like cityscape.

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Game Backgrounds for Social Titans

I did some style adaptation for this game look.  The folks at Social Titans wanted a particular loose, painted quality.  Several artists have been working on backgrounds, and the environments are really varied in the locations they depict.  Surely this game is going to be a lot of fun to play.  It’s certainly fun to make.

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The SaltMarsh

The SaltMarsh is my second animated short.  It is a work in progress, between assignments.  The backgrounds shown here are first composed in storyboard form.  The boards have enough detail to serve as a decent shot layout.  From there I work on rough, cold press watercolor paper.  I produce a black and white tonal painting with Japanese stick ink and traditional brushes.  Next, I scan the painting on a large, high quality flatbed scanner.  The painting is digitally colored, and eventually composited using a virtual After Effects camera.

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“Near” Background Art

After traveling in Nepal, Japan, Peru, Hawaii and a lot of the American west, mostly with dusty boots and a backpack, I sat and pondered the pile of film I’d shot.  I had worked in-house so much at agencies, production facilities and networks, that I’d never had time to animate something for myself.  This was the time to start.  The first thing I did was start drawing environments.  Below are a few of the results.

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