Barnes documentary

Animation that was used for a documentary about Albert Barnes, produced by HBO with production supervised by Edgeworx New York.

Albert Barnes built one of the preeminent private art collections in the world.  HBO produced a documentary to explain the drive and motivations that propelled Barnes in his quest.  Limited animation was requested; however, HBO was keen on getting exactly the right expression during formative episodes in the life of young Albert.

The period being depicted was the later 19th century.  The director wanted a graphic quality that seemed appropriate for consumable media of the day.   So, after I presented various ink and pencil looks, rough ‘field sketch’ line art was chosen.   Once the line tests were approved, the shading was done the same way.  Every element had this look.

There was one shot where I called upon my post-production experience.  It wasn’t too technical, but I had to match up my hand-drawn animation to a green-screen shoot.  The talent used for the adult Albert Barnes was Robert Downey Sr.