Energy for Everyone

Wind power, rail transit, bikes, walkable retail, multi-unit housing and business – all in an understandable and comfortable community.

I have depicted a setting that is gradually turning toward sustainability.  The main focus is wind power, and this piece is available for customization and licensing.  The methods used to make this animation is a blend of warm traditional techniques, and wholly digital components.

I drew most of the background elements with pencil on paper.  I then scanned and colored each piece before dropping it into a 2.5D After Effects scene.  Clouds, buildings, hills, everything is on a separate layer and at a different depth.  Sometimes I use the After Effects camera’s own depth of field to provide rack focus.  Other times I manipulate this in individual layers, one at a time.  This still looks natural enough, but helps a  little more with moving through the shot.

The characters were animated in layers.  The biker, for instance, was composited back together around a 3D model she was pedaling through the scene.  The 3D elements were modeled, animated and rendered in Blender.  Real world audio was captured outdoors and in the studio, then manipulated in a number of applications.