My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Amos Tutuola is about as unique a storyteller as the modern world has known.  His creations are unimaginable, yet he did thus.  I have done several preliminary versions of these drawings.  This is a small sampling.  One day I plan to illustrate a complete portfolio of this tale.

Like a lot of people in America, my first exposure to any concept of Bush of Ghosts was the joint project by the same name between Brian Eno and David Byrne.  This was one of the first albums to use sampling as we understand it today.  I was curious about the source of their inspiration and eventually found a copy of Tutuola’s book.  It is a hallucinatory experience with roots in ancient beliefs of the Yoruba people.  I don’t know what impact western culture played on Tutuola’s convictions and beliefs, but what manifested from this collision is probably quite beyond what is germane to either western Nigeria, or especially England, the fading colonial power of his childhood.

To 7th Town

The Smelling King

Losing BrotherLosing Brother

Kitchen Fight