Minute of Mayhem Reel

This reel: monsters, environmental collapse, nukes, bad dreams, quite the collection of recent commissions. I threw in a few friendly, furry creatures for balance.

Most of the more recent projects involved one disaster after another; a sign of our times [?]  The theme for my next reel seemed obvious.  It was fun material to work on, I have to admit.  See if you can spot where the 3D and hand-drawn pieces meet.  I had to turn off comments because of all the spambots, but my email is at the bottom of the home page.


There is a quick glimpse of a new music video in the reel.  I won’t show any more of it until the big release.  If you want updates, let me know.

I’m also waiting on that release in order to publish a detailed shot sheet.  Until then I can assure you that I created every pixel of the on-screen material.  Clients provided written treatments, a few rough thumbnail boards, and one beginning character design for a single project.  I developed production boards and animatics, more character design, layout, backgrounds, animation, etc.

As I write this I’m working on ‘exploratory’ pre-production for another video.  I help any way I can.