2014 Reel

A new reel: continuing theatrical work, new music video, title, entertainment and non-profit institutional projects. Character work is now moving to the Harmony animation pipeline. Outsourcing animation to Knoxville gets easier all the time.


New tools are here for 2014.  Harmony 10.3 animation has native particle tools, compositing features and lots of ways to manipulate characters and props for a versatile production process.

I always wanted a way to move back and forth between bone-like manipulators and—for when nothing else will do—draw exactly what should happen frame by frame.  With Harmony I’ve finally found a great balance of tools.  It’s nice to be excited about your work.

When it works to throw in a little 3D, Blender effects and toon rendering are better than ever.

More than anything, music video work continues.  I delivered whole animated segements, hand drawn effects and layered backgrounds for overseas compositing. The 2014 Reel Shot Sheet.