It’s Raining

Some people don’t really plan for their pets. Other, more responsible types do what they can to take up the slack. But still, it’s as if “it’s raining cats and dogs”.


A spot for the Humane Society of Indiana.  I provided character design, storyboarding, animatics, animation and compositing.  The clients chose a totally B&W look.  This is my sepia toned director’s cut.  I have also reinstated early versions of some shots, which I think add a little more ‘drama’.  The production companies involved were Fivestone Studios (Nashville) and Good Vibes Media (Indianapolis).  This is the second time I’ve worked with Fivestone in recent months, which I’ve enjoyed very much.  They are a talented, capable and pleasant crew.

I used the tried and true method of shot replacement in the animatic, till completion of the entire piece.  Before I got around to that, I did some pre-production for the look.  One item was a texture test.  I also presented some variations on the character designs: