2013 Character Reel

Here’s some web, game and video personalities, in their native environments.


Mostly character animation from music, game and short film projects. I did animation, layout, composite and most character design on everything except the clips from a Modestep video – where my principal task was color painting in the graphic novel sense. Creative Immortal handled general production, with Alex Young illustrating.  Character concepts were also provided for the xKore video.

As much as anything I tried to make the reel fun to watch, so I hope you enjoy it.  The audio is me messing around.  An old client (who had spent a lot of time in my graphics suite listening to music) said “you’re such a guy”.  Her implication was clear.  We had just been listening to old Social Distortion, Blasters and Tragically Hip albums.  Now, if I play with more delicate electronic sound, it can be a bit infused with the distant thud of working man’s rock.

More character animation is now being finished in ToonBoom Animate, while many key poses are still drawn on punched paper.  Compositing is in After Effects.  The backgrounds range from hand painted to total 3D geometry.