Ad and Editorial Illustration (from the archives)


Jacksonville Today Magazine – an early article on AIDS awareness. I was dropping off art for another project and overhead an art director talking about this assignment, which another artist was doing. I went home and jammed on this, my version. It got published and won a magazine publishers award.


















Rivers and natural sections of the intracoastal waterway use to be very wild. I don’t know what generated more respect, the eagles, great horned owls, or alligators. I would have wanted a shark cage over my back deck.






















This real estate illustration and the one above it tied each other for an Addy award. Man, how time flies. Check the prices.
























This was proposed for the Mayor of Jacksonville’s retro street party. It was deemed too racy at the time – girl can wiggle.






































I use to do a lot of editorial work for the Times Union newspaper. This was the usual style.