The Walker

It’s a music video with a choreography of rage and splatter, made to order. A combination of puppet rigs, 3D props and illustration are designed to blend together for a traditional cel look.

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Minute of Mayhem Reel

This reel: monsters, environmental collapse, nukes, bad dreams, quite the collection of recent commissions. I threw in a few friendly, furry creatures for balance.

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The End of the World

Sequence for an independent animated short film ‘Periplanet’. The story line is that there are a series of major planet wide changes that affect the likelihood, or not, of human survival.

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2014 Reel

A new reel: continuing theatrical work, new music video, title, entertainment and non-profit institutional projects. Character work is now moving to the Harmony animation pipeline. Outsourcing animation to Knoxville gets easier all the time.

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Gods of Sound

What a metal band needs, more skull please. And, he needs to sing.

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It’s Raining

Some people don’t really plan for their pets. Other, more responsible types do what they can to take up the slack. But still, it’s as if “it’s raining cats and dogs”.

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The Pit

The future of our dynamic megatropolises, ruins? Method Man retakes control.

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Seattle Scam School

Animated public awareness for the state of Washington.

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